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INTERSKI Congress 2023


Levi, Finland

Levi is a resort in Finnish Lapland. It’s known for its winter ski slopes and views of the Northern Lights. The INTERSKI Congress converges on Levi in 2023. Go to the official website here:

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Moving on snow is a unique feeling that has fascinated humankind for ages.

All disciplines of snowsports offer singular attractions: the play with equilibrium, the experience of natural surroundings, the versatility of outdoor conditions combined with endless fun have contributed to the popularity of snowsports over the years.

Ever since the association was first established in 1951, Interski has made important contributions to developing and improving snowsports worldwide.

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국제프로스키지도자협회(ISA) 국제프로자격은 문화체육관광부로 부터 민간자격으로 정식 승인인가 되었음을 알려드리며 해외 국제 자격으로의 효력뿐만 아니라 대한스키협회(KSIA)대한스키지도자연맹 자격, (SBAK)한국스키장경영협회자격과 동일한 국내 민간자격으로의 법적효력도 갖게 되었음을 공고 합니다. The International Pro Ski Instructors Association (ISA) organization, which is an international organization composed of members from 9 countries, has been approved by the Korean government’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Union of International Associations (UIA).In addition, this document has been approved by the Korean government and has the same legal effect as the documents of which the Korea Ski Instructors Association (KSIA) and the Ski Resort Business Association of Korea (SBAK) have received the government’s approval.What makes us different from them is that International Pro Ski Instructors Association (ISA) is an international association with 9 member countries.ISA is ready to work with all countries and will do its best as an international association.Thank you.❄️ International Pro Ski Instructors Association (ISA) ❄️* watch more #isa #pro #isaski_org #isaski.org#instructor #ski Instructor#snowboard instructor #international #internationalpro#international_pro_ski_instructors_association_(ISA)#isa국제프로스키지도자협회#스키지도자 #스노보드지도자 See MoreSee Less
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