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Moving on snow is a unique feeling that has fascinated humankind for ages.

All disciplines of snowsports offer singular attractions: the play with equilibrium, the experience of natural surroundings, the versatility of outdoor conditions combined with endless fun have contributed to the popularity of snowsports over the years.

Ever since the association was first established in 1951, Interski has made important contributions to developing and improving snowsports worldwide.

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INTERSKI 2023 Facebook Group
Congrats to all those selected and look forward to seeing you at Interski 2023 LeviAPSI See MoreSee Less

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Sad newsCon sgomento ed immensa tristezza, oggi la nostra accademia piange la prematura scomparsa di CARLOTTA GRIPPALDI, allieva del Corso di Formazione Marmolada che a seguito di un incredibile incidente è venuta a mancare nel pomeriggio di ieri.Come Accademia desideriamo far giungere le nostre più sentite condoglianze alla famiglia.Corrado SulsenteDG Snowsports Academy San Marino See MoreSee Less

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Let’s welcome our new members:Sergio Orio,Tim Koopmans,Facundo Blanco,Doug Salberg,Lucia Franse,Silvija Domitrovic,Alec Allcock,Mari Alt,Betiana Sosa,Nayla Rondina See MoreSee Less

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INTERSKI Congress 2023

Levi, Finland

Levi is a resort in Finnish Lapland. It’s known for its winter ski slopes and views of the Northern Lights. The INTERSKI Congress converges on Levi in 2023. Go to the official website here:

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