We have roots ...

INTERSKI had it's beginning in Zurs, Austria in 1951

Representatives of the European alpine nations met to share information on technique and teaching methodology. INTERSKI Congresses initially were held every 2 years. The events were held every 3 years for a time and since 1971, they have been held every 4 years. The first country outside of Europe to host an INTERSKI Congress was the USA. This Congress was held in Aspen, Colorado in 1968. Since that time, they have been held in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Austria. The Congress was in January 2007 in YongPyong (Korea) and in January 2011 in St. Anton (Austria). The next INTERSKI Congress was held in Ushuaia (Argentina) in September 2015. From those humble beginnings in central Europe in 1951, INTERSKI has grown to a World Wide Organization. The Congresses attract the best skiers of every nation, the ski media, industry specialists, equipment suppliers and thousands of participants.

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